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Monday, May 23, 2011

kubit partner meeting 2011

kubit hosted its 4 partner meeting in Dresden last week. The 3 days were pact with discussion, presentations and training and turned out to be more than just a meeting. kubit and its partners were able to formulate new ideas on marketing and sales as well as new product features. This will give us a lot of work to follow up but will also lead to better and more powerful product families.
Just to note one example here, the trial and licensing process is much more user-friendly and straight forward:
Besides all this theory, we had a lot of fun together. This way, we spent about 2h enjoying Dresden through the windshield of a 1962 Trabant ...
So after all, we are really looking forward to the next partner meeting in 2012.

Monday, May 9, 2011

FARO workshop in Austria

FARO Europe (www.faro-europe.com)was hosting a 1-day workshop in Linz and Vienna, Austria last week. Alexander Bauer, FARO Account Manager demonstrated the new FARO Focus 3D laser scanner. My job was to show the workflow when handling the data in AutoCAD. So besides the basic features of our software PointCloud, the Draw-to-CAD functionality guaranteed for some nice results and the spectators where quite impressed about it.
The picture here is showing a typical planarview which is generated from the FARO Scene software.


3 days after my trip to PlowmanCraven, I had to take the same flight to London-Luton again. The final destination however was different: World of Geomatics 2011 (http://www.pvpubs.com/events.php), the UK's largest show for Surveying, Geomatics and GIS.
I was showcasing the latest kubit software developments with our partners from Latimer-CAD (www.latimer-cad.com) and we faced quite a nice crowd which showed good interest. So I am quite positive about the upcoming weeks here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

TachyCAD training at Plowman Craven

Plowman Craven (http://www.plowmancraven.co.uk/), a Harpenden, UK based surveying company enjoyed a 1 day training on TachyCAD today. As one of the biggest surveying companies in the UK, Plowman Craven decided to equip its MBS team with kubit's TachyCAD. The first figures are pointing out, that the productivity has increased by more than 30% compared to traditional surveying. To push this number even more I was in Harpenden to discuss the latest tips and tricks when working with TachyCAD. Besides the MBS team, I was helping the area team to use the Bluetooth Disto functionality even more effective. So at the end, there was still some time left to show the PCL crew some new functionality in the PhoToPlan software like pulling out CAD drawings from 2 orientated images or the unwrapping of cylindrical objects.

Jaewoo to represent kubit in Korea

Mr. Hwang, CEO of the Seoul based company Jaewoo (www.jaewoo.com) and his technical team visited the kubit headquarter in Dresden in early March this year. We all were pleased to discuss about our future cooperation and to finally sign the distribution contract between both companies. That means Jaewoo is our new partner when it comes to TachyCAD, PhoToPlan or PointCloud in Korea. In the days after the meeting, Mr. Duk Y. Jung from Jaewoo evaluated the market in Korea and met some quite interested clients as well as partners like Riegl-Korea (www.dreamtns.com), FARO-Korea, Trimble-Korea, Topcon-Korea, Leica-Korea and others. So we are looking into a quite prosperous market here ...

Monday, February 28, 2011


My first visit this year brought me directly to the sunny hills of Brescia, Italy. It was a pleasant trip to meet our Italian partner Topotek (http://it.kubit-software.com/) again.
Besides enjoying the "Dolce Vita" we discussed a lot the current situation in Italy and also abroad. Giorgia, Matteo and I have been able to find an increasing interest in the 3D scanning technology in Europe and elsewhere. And so we are sure that the intense contact and collaboration with FARO (www.faro.com) will lead us to a busy and successful time when it comes to the kubit PointCloud software.
PhoToPlan and its selling strategy in Italy took us also almost 1 day to discuss. We all realized that architects, archaeologists and the community of historical preservation should have a great benefit out of the PhoToPlan results. These can be not only rectified images but also 3D line work within AutoCAD (www.autodesk.com).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Piping the cloud

kubit was asking their kubit-USA office in order to have the piping expert John Bunn joining me at the kubit booth during SPAR-EU 2010 in Amsterdam last week. John has more than 10 years experience in the piping industry and is the main consultant helping kubit to realize its PointCloud piping tool.
So for the first European SPAR conference, we were showcasing this amazing tool to convert laser scan data directly into intelligent pipes. This will be true not only for AutoCADs Plant 3D but also within Plant 4D, Cadworx, AutoPlant or others.
People were quite amazed about these new features and so the FARO user meeting was a great success as well! Besides a wide selections of partners, kubit was showing "Piping the point cloud" directly in AutoCAD Plant 3D. So watch out for the official launch of the new PointCloud version coming soon!